Advanced analysis of MOSH/MOAH data

Find out how software solutions can help you with complex analysis problems

The analysis of MOSH/MOAH requires experience. And it may even be necessary to find the source of the contamination. Are you aware that there are software tools available, which can support you in the quantitation process and finding the contamination source?

Our webinar "Advanced analysis of MOSH/MOAH data" shows you how!

The analysis of MOSH/MOAH in food is a complex challenge. Besides the analysis itself, the data analysis is different to other types of food analytics.

Challenge quantitation

The first challenge is the quantitation. Instead of separate peaks, a hump must be integrated. Calculating the baseline in the correct way, removing peaks from the hump, which don´t belong to the MOH makes it still more complex.

This process can be streamlined using a software package which is specially developed for this type of analysis and supports you with intelligent algorithms in the data analysis.

Where is the source of contamination?

When the analysis gives a positive result, very often the question arises, where the contamination is coming from. To answer this question it is very helpful to compare data from lubricants used in the production process with the sample data.

Doing this visually is challenging and the result is depending on the experience of the user itself. Just as for the quantitation support there is also a software tool available that is designed for extracting this information from your data – in an easy and reproducible way.

Contents of the webinar at a glance:

  • How to quantify MOSH/MOAH data using the Chrolibri software package
  • How to use automated baseline calculation, removing of disturbing peaks
  • How to integrate manually and compare different data sets
  • How to generate reports and export results to LIMS
  • How to build a database of data from lubricants using the Hump Inspector
  • How to compare chromatograms from samples with the database using the Hump Inspector

Thomas Funke, Andreas Klingberg and Andreas Bruchmann jointly lead through the webinar.

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