Titelbild 2D Barcodeleser

2D bar code reader

Enables storage and readout of a lot of information even on 2 mL vials

The barcodes known from the consumer goods sector can only store a few characters. For the laboratory routine, one piece of information is usually not sufficient. Therefore, we have developed a 2D barcode reader that allows the user to transfer a lot of information about the sample from the 2D barcode to the sample list. With this 2D barcode up to 10 different parameters can be stored, e.g. sample name, weight, comment or even the instrument method. The labels are small enough to fit on 2 mL sample tubes.

Your advantage:

The information scanned in via the 2D barcode no longer needs to be entered manually. This way, the 2D barcode reader saves a lot of working time and errors due to incorrect input are avoided. The laboratory's IT or LIM system manages the sample-specific information and prints the 2D barcode labels. With the 2D barcode reader, this information is transferred to the CHRONOS sample list and thus to GC/MS evaluation software and is thus available for processing the sample list and for evaluation in Xcalibur, ChemStation or Analyst.

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