AnalyzerPro allows you to deconvulate GC-MS and LC-MS data. The well-known classical evaluation methods are also available. AnalyzerPro uses proprietary algorithms to detect components that are lost in other software packages underground or in coelutions. Additional information about retention time or spectrum of the components is not required.

The resulting list of components, retention times and mass spectra can be easily processed. For example, the mass spectra can be identified by NIST search or the retention time and mass spectrum can be compared with a target library of known compounds.

Classical operations such as spectrum display, background correction, display of ion traces and quantification round off the post-processing options.

AnalyzerPro offers the following key benefits:

  • Fast deconvolution of GC-MS and LC-MS chromatograms
  • Lightning-fast search of peaks found in the NIST library
  • Support of many file formats incl. NetCDF as general exchange format
  • Target and screening analyses
  • Detection of closely coalescing peaks
  • Extraction of high quality spectra
  • Qualitative analysis
  • Quantitative analysis with ext. or int. standard
  • Reports with qualitative and/or quantitative data
  • Batch processing
  • Components Purity calculation
  • Display of components and ion traces
  • Efficient and at the same time comprehensible method parameters
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