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Multidimensional working robot as the missing link between users and the previous sample preparation.

XYZ robot systems offer a high degree of automation. However, their working area is spatially and technically limited so that many work steps could not be automated up to now. This is where CHRONECT Bionic comes in. This multidimensional robot is the perfect complement to XYZ robot systems. It performs tasks that go beyond spatial XYZ orientation. With a total of six joints that can move independently of each other, CHRONECT Bionic can be integrated into many workflows.

Advantages of CHRONECT Bionic

  • Flexibly applicable
  • Perfect complement to XYZ robot systems
  • Precise execution
  • Avoidance of error sources of manual sample preparation
  • Automation of time-consuming sample preparation steps
  • Automation of unpleasant work steps
  • Trendsetting automation for the digital laboratory

CHRONECT Bionic is the missing link between users and automatic sample preparation. The possible applications are many and varied. A first example of application is the automated powder dosing, which was created with CHRONECT Quantos. CHRONECT Bionic handles the insertion of powder dosing heads into the Quantos powder dosing system from METTLER-TOLEDO. There the exact amount of powder is weighed into a vial, which CHRONECT Bionic then transfers to the XYZ robot for further processing. Here, safe liquid handling can then take place. Further applications are conceivable.

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