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Fully automatic powder dosing in the sample preparation.

Powder dosing in the automatic sample preparation

The dosing of powder is often an important step in sample preparation. It must be carried out exactly to avoid errors. Many laboratories also work at this point with substances that are hazardous to health. By extending automatic sample preparation to include powder dosing, the susceptibility to errors is reduced and work safety is improved.

Mode of operation

The CHRONECT Bionic six-axis robot places one of up to 32 powder dosing heads in the Quantos dosing and weighing system from METTLER-TOLEDO. The vial in which the powder is required is then also placed on the scales. The required quantity of powder is then automatically weighed in exactly. The vial and dosing head are then reset.

The system can be used as a separate platform on which sample trays are prepared for filling. Thanks to the CHRONOS software platform, it can also usefully supplement further sample preparation by transferring the filled vials to systems such as CHRONECT Robotic. Here the analysis can then be automatically included in the process. A DeCapper module enables the opening and closing of sample vials with screw caps, so that these can also be used for automated powder dosing.

Advantages of fully automatic powder dosing

  • Integration of exact dosing and weighing technology in the automatic sample preparation
  • Perfect complement to other sample preparation robots
  • Automated processing of hazardous substances
  • Precise execution
  • Avoidance of error sources of manual sample preparation
  • Automation of time-consuming sample preparation steps
  • Automation of unpleasant work steps
  • Trendsetting automation for the digital laboratory

CHRONECT Quantos is a ZIM-funded project (Central Innovation Program for Medium-Sized Businesses) and was developed in a cooperation of Axel Semrau with METTLER-TOLEDO and Jüke Systemtechnik. At analytica 2018, CHRONECT Quantos was awarded the Application Award of the Laboratory Practice in the category Laboratory Technology.

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