ODOR Compact GC

Gas chromatograph for odorization control of Gasodor S-Free and Spotleak Z

CompactGC for Gasodor S-Free measurement

The gas chromatographic method with CompactGC and enrichment unit ensures that Gasodor S-Free™ is separated from all other natural gas components before the concentration is determined in the detector. There is therefore no cross-sensitivity to other natural gas components. The system is capable of determining THT as well as Gasodor S-Free. This also makes the CompactGC the ideal measuring instrument for the new odorant Spotleak™ Z (88 % ethyl acrylate 12 % THT).

In contrast to other measuring methods, both main components of Gasodor S-Free (methyl acrylate and ethyl acrylate) are measured separately. This makes it possible to check the correct ratio of both substances in Gasodor S-Free.


  • The enrichment technique enables superior accuracy and sensitivity at concentrations around 8.8 mg/m³ (minimum concentration for Gasodor S-Free™ according to DVGW worksheet G280).
  • The calibration gas can be prepared in nitrogen at low cost.
  • The analysis is independent of natural gas type and natural gas source (e.g. L- or H-gas).
  • The proven technology of the CompactGC is adapted to the S-Free application.
  • Remote transmission of measurement data is optionally available via 4-20 mA.
  • The system can be used mobile or stationary.
  • The DVGW (German Gas and Water Industry Association) recommends the gas chromatographic method as the reference method for odorization control.

The CompactGC is equipped with a cooled enrichment unit for the Gasodor S-Free application. This unit is capable of collecting the odorant in a defined manner. In a second step, the concentrated odorant is injected onto the separation column of the gas chromatograph and analyzed. The CompactGC is controlled by a software included in the delivery. Commercially available GC columns are used as separation columns. This is a clear advantage over the Micro GC, where the complete module (injector, column and detector) is always replaced. The CompactGC columns are easy to exchange and inexpensive.

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