Titelbild Sniffingport Phaser

Sniffing port phaser

Sniff detector that can be coupled with any GC

In the analysis of samples where odour is a factor, olfactometric detection is a valuable supplement to gas chromatographic analysis. Here, the eluate from the GC column is fed into the glass cone of the sniffing port, where an odour impression of the GC peak can be determined by smelling the gas stream. This enables the analyst to efficiently perceive and determine taste and odour components.

Technical equipment

In order to provide the user with a comfortable working environment, the glass cone of the phaser is attached to a stable gooseneck, so that it can be placed in any position.

The transfer line from the GC to the sniffing port can be heated up to 300°C so that no components are lost on the way to the cone. 

In order to calculate the length of the connecting capillaries correctly, the Phaser comes with the Splitmanager software, which determines the correct lengths after entering pressure and inner diameter.

The optionally available olfactometry software allows the odour impressions to be entered directly into a chromatogram via speech recognition. To do this, the analogue detector signal (not possible with MS) is recorded by an A/D converter, the user speaks into the supplied headset to describe the odour of the peak. Speech recognition converts the spoken word into text that can be used to describe the peak. The chromatogram can then be printed out to document the odour impressions.


  • The phaser can be coupled with any GC or GC/MS.
  • The no-cold spot design offers the possibility to smell high boiling compounds
  • Transfer line temperature up to 300 ˚C
  • Protection of the operator's nose by adding humidified air to the sniffer opening
  • Sitting or standing while sniffing
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