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Thomson filter vials

Easy automated filtration of samples through a wide range of special filter vials.

Thomson Filter Vials are a simple alternative to HPLC vials, septum caps, syringes and syringe filters for sample purification. Whereas previously a vial, septum cap and syringe filter were required, now only one filter vial is needed. The easy and fully automated handling makes the filter vials a compact and fast solution for every laboratory.


The filter vials allow the samples for sample preparation to be filtered within 15 seconds in a vial that can be used directly by the autosampler. The filter vials consist of two parts: One is a filtration dish and the other a plunger with integrated filter and septum cap at each end. The sample is pipetted into the filtration dish. By inserting the plunger and pressing the plunger into the filtration dish, the sample is automatically filtered. For each application there are vials configured accordingly. The vials are available in different pore sizes and filter materials.

Standard Filter Vials for 120 µL dead volume

  • The standard filter vials are used for samples with less than 10 % solid particles. Accordingly, they are equipped with a single-layer filter layer.
  • These vials are used for the purification of all samples and for in-vial protein precipitation.

eXtreme|FV® for multilayer filtration

  • The eXtreme|FV filter vials allow multilayer filtration for viscous samples and samples with up to 30 % solid particles, through a built-in multilayer filter. This multilayer filter enables the separation of the preparation from the matrix. The results are higher signal-to-noise ratios and better reproducibility.
  • They are used, for example, in the filtration of cells and cell debris from cell cultures, pesticide analysis in food, tissue cultures, soil samples and water, and toxicological analyses of blood and urine.

nano|Filter Vials® for 10 µL minimum volume

  • The nano|Filter Vials were developed to cover the area of very small dead volume. With them a purification of 10 µL samples with a remaining end product of 2 µL can be realized. To enable this purification, these filter vials are equipped with a precisely fitting bottom structure in the filtration dish.
  • Applications include in-vial evaporation, resuspension of sample concentration and reserve/solution change, analysis of enzymes, peptides, DNA, RNA, advanced synthesis reactions, finished products, saliva and low volume samples.

eXtractor3D|FV® for multi-mode filtration

  • They are particularly suitable for areas with increased volume, so that several extraction techniques can be performed with different resins/sorbents or solids/large particles (more than 35 %) in one autosamplerable vial.
  • These vials are specifically designed for the addition of resins/sorbents, QuEChERS, disperse salts, drugs or special resins in an autosampler-compatible vial.
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