Automation and sample preparation

Our automation solutions called CHRONECT enable efficient sample preparation and create a link to analysis.

Automated workstations

CHRONECT - Where sample prep and analysis become one. With the automated workstations, complex procedures are completely and intelligently automated, from sample preparation to analysis.


Complete workstation for the determination of mineral oil contaminants in food, feed, packaging and cosmetics


Workstation for the fully automatic determination of MCPD and glycidol in food

CHRONECT Workstation PAH

Time-saving and highly sensitive determination of PAHs

CHRONECT Workstation FAMEs

Fully automated workstation for the analysis of fatty acid methyl esters in oils and fats

CHRONECT Workstation Sterols

Fully automated analysis of sterols for food control

CHRONECT Workstation Cholesterol

Complete workstation for determining the egg content in food

Chronect Workstation Multiplexing

For a better utilization of the LC-MS

CHRONECT Workstation Glyphosat

Complete workstation for the determination of glyphosate in food

CHRONECT Workstation MultiMix

Fully automated production of standards and mixes

CHRONECT Workstation TIC and PSM

A robust online SPE for the determination of TIC and PSM in surface and drinking water by GC-MS

CHRONECT Workstation H53

Measuring station for the fully automatic determination of the hydrocarbon index in water based on H53

CHRONECT Workstation Proteomics

Automated sample preparation in the proteomics laboratory to optimize throughput and avoid handling errors.


Fully automated detection of used technical oils

Solid phase extraction

If deposition of interfering matrix or enrichment of analytes is important, solid phase extraction, also called SPE, is often a necessary preparation step to be able to measure sensitively. SPE can be automated offline or online in the immediate run-up to the analysis. We offer solutions for both.

CHRONECT Symbiosis Basic

Flexible UHPLC with Online SPE

CHRONECT Symbiosis Plus

Flexible Online SPE-UHPLC system for routine and research

CHRONECT Symbiosis Advanced

Powerful UHPLC with 1000 bar online SPE

CHRONECT Workstation Glyphosat

Complete workstation for the determination of glyphosate in food

Fraction collectors

We offer various solutions for the collection of fractions: Universal solutions, space-saving small systems, high throughput devices for routine use or combinations of injector and fraction collector. Please note that we can only sell Teledyne ISCO products to customers in Germany and Austria.

Foxy R1

Fast, flexible and small fraction collector

Foxy R2

Fraction collector with increased collection capacity due to second rack

Sample preparation

The preparation of samples for analysis is time-consuming and must be performed precisely. CHRONECT offers the ideal sample preparation system for every laboratory.



Precise dispensing and weighing technology in an automated workflow


Modern sampler for automation and complex sample preparation


Automatic syringe change for highest productivity


Sampler with two injection heads for automation of sample injection and parallel sample preparation steps


Small and versatile entry-level model for sample preparation


Automated solution for reproducible performance of hydrogen-deuterium exchange (HDX) experiments on proteins

Tools and modules for CHRONECT Robotic

Thanks to the modular system, the CHRONECT robotic systems can be individually adapted to the needs of each laboratory. Numerous tools and modules facilitate sample preparation.

Agitator Module

Incubation and agitation at controlled temperature

Barcode Reader

A lot of information in the smallest space - even on 2 mL vials

DeCapper Module

Automated opening and closing of sample vessels

Heatex Stirrer Module

Powerful mixing and heating

Liquid Syringe Tool

Special tool for liquid syringes

Pipette Tool

Carryover-free transfer of liquids with pipette tips

Vortex Mixer

Efficient mixing


Gas leak detector

The world's smallest gas leak detector with MEMS technology

Capillaries and accessories

Good products from leading manufacturers ensure optimally adapted solutions.


Intelligent software increases the efficiency of chromatography. Therefore, we integrate market-known software packages and develop powerful and customer-oriented software solutions ourselves to meet the requirements in the laboratories.


CHRONOS controls sample preparation and analysis in a time efficient and intelligent way.


Result Based instrument control in automated workflows


Simple evaluation of MOSH/MOAH chromatograms


Hump Inspector

Software for the fast and reliable comparison of MOSH and MOAH LC-GC profiles


Easy to use, powerful software for the evaluation of analog detector data


Clear and powerful data system for single or multi-instrument chromatography

MS Library NIST

Extensive and most used mass spectra library with associated software


Fully automatic comparison of GC/MS chromatograms under consideration of retention indices