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Axel Semrau starts seminar series about MCPD

Axel Semrau organizes new online seminars for all those who want to gain more insight into the world of MCPD/GE analysis. These seminars will focus on sample preparation, the chemistry behind the different steps, the advantages and disadvantages of the official AOCS MCPD and Glycidol methods.

Method A - Unilever method - AOCS Cd29a-13

The series will start on November 10th with the AOCS Cd29a-13 (Method A), also called Unilever method, which will be presented by Dr. Karel Hrncirik.
Dr. Karel Hrncirik is the world's leading ingredient specialist at the Upfield R&D Center of Excellence in Vlaardingen - Netherlands and Vice President of the European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids "Euro Fed Lipid". For over 16 years he was part of the Unilever research team where he co-developed the AOCS Cd29a-13 method.

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(10-11-2020 - 10 am Berlin time)

Method B - 3in1 method - AOCS Cd29b-13

Dr. Jan Kuhlmann is team leader of the chromatographic department SGS Multi-Lab Hamburg in Germany in the development of chromatographic methods for the analysis of food and feed for composition and contamination. He was also part of the team that developed the AOCS Cd29b-13 method.

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(26-11-2020 - 10 am Berlin time)

Method C - DGF Fast &Clean method - AOCS Cd29c-13

Dr. Tobias Uber is head of Axel Semrau's application team. He and his team are constantly working to optimize current MCPD/GE methods with all possible matrices in which MCPD and glycidol can be measured. His presentation is about the AOCS Cd29c-13 method and Tobias is also involved in the validation of the upcoming ISO 18363-4 method.

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(17-11-2020 - 10 am Berlin time)

The seminars are held in English.