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Everything new in May – Axel Semrau presents a new design

For decades, "our AS logo" accompanied us in soft blue tones and with a silver background. A tree and many devices shaped our brochures. For us, our customers, suppliers and partners it was clear: Axel Semrau that's the one with the tree, the blue paint and the laboratory equipment. So why change that?

Because one crucial aspect was missing.

When Axel Semrau founded the company in 1981 in the cellar of his house in Wuppertal with a focus on gas analysis, one thing was in the foreground: passion. Passion for what he did. The sale of equipment from well-known manufacturers has always been the company's main focus. We can look back on long-standing relationships with suppliers. Before entering into new cooperations, we check whether there is added value for the user and whether we can pass on the equipment with a clear conscience. However, the development of our own products and solutions has always played a role as well.

But one thing is certain. Without the people behind the technology, this would not be possible. Our employees share with Axel Semrau the passion that shapes the company and makes it what it is today.

We are proud of our corporate culture and the will to develop the best solutions for practical applications. In open discussions among each other, with customers, manufacturers and development partners, we generate new ideas and innovations on the way to the laboratory.

The new design reflects this. We have grown up with almost forty years of company history. You wear serious dark blue. We always have new ideas that might be unusual, which doesn't stop us from trying them out. That symbolizes the green. But we don't forget where our roots are, so that our old shade of blue sometimes still shines through. This combination of our strengths makes it possible to guarantee you a solid cooperation. Our new logo shows this expertise and strength. Above all, we now also show that the best technology is nothing without the people behind it.