We sense good chemistry! – What does that mean?

In our field of activity, sales and support of instruments for chemists and analysts, we want to define ourselves by competence and special services in all areas of customer relations.

What are we doing to achieve this goal?

We run two business units and have thus achieved a high degree of specialization of our employees in chromatography and automation as well as in odorization control and natural gas analysis. We prefer to concentrate our activities on special applications. This enables competence in detail. This enables us to really understand our customers and their tasks in each business unit.

Many of our 56 employees are technically and scientifically trained and most have many years of experience in their fields. These are the people with whom you discuss your tasks, requirements and problems and from whom you can expect competence and solutions.

All employees are in a permanent training process. New employees are carefully prepared for their tasks. Thus we can offer you application, qualified installations and application training in addition to technical advice and customer service.

Our values

Internally, we are characterized by an open, cooperative working style, which we are happy to continue in our collaboration with our customers and partners. With all due respect to the institutions and companies that finance procurement, our understanding of "customer" is mainly characterized by the relationship with the individual people who decide to cooperate with us and ultimately work with the tools we have supplied.

Quality and Innovation

Our products and those of our manufacturers must meet our requirements.

Our products

Well-known manufacturers from all over the world entrust us with their products for exclusive distribution. In doing so, we make critical selections. We stand behind manufacturers whose products are useful for our customers and help them to manage their tasks more efficiently. Our selection criteria are: Quality, innovation, reliability and value for money.

To increase the performance of our offerings, we develop our own products and have them manufactured exclusively for us. We pay particular attention to software solutions that are developed and supported in our Software division in close cooperation with our application specialists and customers.

Our Attitude

We always provide customer-oriented advice and offer services at the highest level.

We sell high quality products and services at fair prices.

We want to work with you in the long term.

Our Certificates

We have been a recognized apprenticeship company by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce since 2003. Most of our apprentices from the IT and commercial areas are happy to remain part of the team after their professional training. We have been certified by DEKRA according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since May 2008. Since June 2012, our occupational health and safety management system has also been certified according to SCC** (Safety Certificate Contractors). To support the important process of standard definition and development, we became a member of the German Institute for Standardization in 2020.

Further Information