Gas and natural gas analysis

The ODOR division focuses on the customer base of energy suppliers in the gas industry. Under the brand name Axel Semrau, it offers equipment and services that have been specially developed for this group of users.

Odorization Control

The division Natural Gas Analysis / Odorization Control develops and produces odorization control devices for gas supply companies worldwide. Odorants such as organic sulfur compounds (THT or mercaptan mixtures) or sulfur-free odorants such as Gasodor S-Free are controlled.

ODOR easy

Stationary measuring instrument for automatic checking of the odorant concentration on site - also solar-powered

ODOR handy plus

Modern hand-held measuring instrument for quick and easy measurement of THT or mercaptan

ODOR on-line

Gas chromatograph for the determination of odorants

Determination of sulphur

Axel Semrau offers solutions for the determination of natural sulfur and for a true total sulfur determination.

ODOR on-line

Gas chromatograph for the determination of odorants

ODOR total S II

Total sulphur determination by combining two proven methods in the ODOR total S II

ODOR accessories

Good accessories make work easier. Use our ready-to-use calibration gas sets and rotameters.

ODOR calibration gas set

Complete calibration gas set for the ODOR handy


For measurements with the ODOR handy at pressures above 20 mbar