In order to be able to offer our customers the optimal solution for their workplace, we set high expectations for ourselves and our products. Quality, innovation, reliability and value for money play a major role in this. We are happy to have that confirmed. You can find our certifications here.


ISO certificate

In the interest of our customers we introduced a quality management system in May 2008 and were certified by DEKRA according to ISO 9001. This certification is always renewed according to the current guidelines. The introduction of a quality management system was an important step in our efforts to ensure the best quality of our customer services.

SCC Certificate

SCC certification is important for all companies that want to work as contractors, for example in the natural gas or petrochemical industry. We have been aiming for this special certification for the Natural Gas Analysis and Odorization Control business unit and obtained it for the first time in June 2012. Since then we have always been subject to the current guidelines. The certification complements our high level of expertise in the field of natural gas analysis and odorization control and creates new fields of activity.

DIN Member Network

In today's world, analytical data plays a crucial role in the evaluation of products and services. However, a prerequisite for powerful data analysis and comparison is that the methods used to determine the data are precisely described and comparable. In this context, a standardization system plays a decisive role in national economy. To support this important process of standard definition and development, we have become a member of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN).

Approved company for apprenticeships of the IHK

We are very proud to be a company for apprenticeships approved by the IHK (German chamber of industry and commerce) since 2003. During this time, 14 apprentices have successfully completed their training in IT and in the commercial area. After graduation, many of them are happy to remain part of the team. Even during the pandemic, training content does not fall by the wayside for us, so we are keen to fill our advertised vacancy.

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