Analysis techniques

Our range of services covers many analysis techniques. This includes LC and LC/MS as well as GC and GC/MS applications. We are the world leader with coupling systems such as LC-GC. We use analysis systems from various manufacturers such as Agilent, Shimadzu or Bruker. Other techniques such as pyrolysis complete our range of products.

GC and GC/MS

We cooperate with different manufacturers and assemble complete measuring stations according to the requirements of the respective application. Complete solutions from sample preparation to evaluation and a comprehensive range of training courses are as much a part of our service as competent customer service and dedicated customer support.

Bruker Evoq GC-TQ

Robust Triple Quad technology for sensitive detection in complex matrices

LC and LC/MS

In addition to a powerful sampler, a pump system adapted to the application is a must. Such a combination is optimally complemented by sophisticated sample handling options, such as online sample preparation and the necessary hardware for multidimensional chromatography or fraction collection.

CHRONECT Symbiosis Basic

Flexible UHPLC with Online SPE

CHRONECT Symbiosis Plus

Flexible Online SPE-UHPLC system for routine and research

CHRONECT Symbiosis Advanced

Powerful UHPLC with 1000 bar online SPE

CHRONECT Workstation Glyphosat

Complete workstation for the determination of glyphosate in food

Gradient pump SPH1299

Powerful UHPLC pump up to 1300 bar with priming pump and integrated piston backwash pump

LC-GC couplings

The technique of coupling HPLC and GC has been known for decades, but it is only in recent years that this technique has been developed to the necessary robustness and routine capability and has been established in many laboratories as a robust routine method. One application is the determination of MOSH/MOAH in food or cosmetics.

CHRONECT Workstation PAH

Time-saving and highly sensitive determination of PAHs


Complete workstation for the determination of mineral oil contaminants in food, feed, packaging and cosmetics

CHRONECT Workstation Sterols

Fully automated analysis of sterols for food control

CHRONECT Workstation Cholesterol

Complete workstation for determining the egg content in food


FTIR spectroscopy for the quality determination of oils in industrial processes


Fully automated detection of used technical oils

Pyrolysis and thermodesorption

The composition of materials or false odours play a special role in materials research and forensics.

Pyrola 2000

Flexible platinum foil pyrolysis system for the analysis of organic solids


Flexible multi-injection system for each GC with split, splitless, large volume and thermodesorption functions

Automated liner change

No carry-over due to automatic liner change - indispensable for samples contaminated with matrix


Intelligent software increases the efficiency of chromatography. Therefore, we integrate market-known software packages and develop powerful and customer-oriented software solutions ourselves to meet the requirements in the laboratories.


CHRONOS controls sample preparation and analysis in a time efficient and intelligent way.


Result Based instrument control in automated workflows


Simple evaluation of MOSH/MOAH chromatograms


Hump Inspector

Software for the fast and reliable comparison of MOSH and MOAH LC-GC profiles


Easy to use, powerful software for the evaluation of analog detector data


Clear and powerful data system for single or multi-instrument chromatography

MS Library NIST

Extensive and most used mass spectra library with associated software


Fully automatic comparison of GC/MS chromatograms under consideration of retention indices