Biotechnology & Life Sciences

This subject area deals with the study of life and its application in science and technology. Our solutions offer a wide range of possible applications, for example in systems biology or drug development.


Fast and reliable purification has a name: Teledyne ISCO. The clearly arranged PeakTrack software makes the flash devices as easy to use as a smart phone.

CombiFlash NextGen

The NextGen is the newest member of the CombiFlash family from Teledyne Isco. The advanced flash chromatography system provides fully automated, fast and reliable purification of compounds.

CombiFlash PurIon

With PurIon, Teledyne Isco is expanding its product range for even faster and more reliable analysis. The PurIon consists of the CombiFlash and a mass spectrometer. The MS spectra can be monitored live and can be saved and exported as PDF files.

CombiFlash EZ prep

The CombiFlash EZ Prep is a combi-system with two sides, left side flash chromatography and right side full preparative HPLC. For the first time, preparative LC is as user-friendly in handling as flash purification.

CombiFlash Torrent

The CombiFlash Torrent System from Teledyne Isco is designed for the purification of large quantities of substances.

RediSep standard cartridges

RediSep Rf is a program of normal phase and reverse phase ready to use columns for liquid chromatography up to 20 bar.

RediSep Gold cartridges

The RediSep Rf Gold ready-to-use cartridges for flash chromatography have a higher resolution and better recoveries.

Preparative HPLC

Flash chromatography with the PeakTrak software from Teledyne ISCO is unbeatably easy to use. Teledyne Isco transfers this simple operation to preparative HPLC. If the separation in flash chromatography is not sufficient, users should be able to switch to preparative HPLC quickly, conveniently and safely. This is realised in the combined flash and prep system EZ Prep and in the ACCQPrep, the system for preparative HPLC.

ACCQPrep HP150

Automated preparative HPLC with high performance and simple operation

CombiFlash EZ prep

The CombiFlash EZ Prep is a combi-system with two sides, left side flash chromatography and right side full preparative HPLC. For the first time, preparative LC is as user-friendly in handling as flash purification.

Fraction collectors

We offer various solutions for the collection of fractions: Universal solutions, space-saving small systems, high throughput devices for routine use or combinations of injector and fraction collector. Please note that we can only sell Teledyne ISCO products to customers in Germany and Austria.

Foxy R1

Fast, flexible and small fraction collector

Foxy R2

Fraction collector with increased collection capacity due to second rack

Automated powder dosing

Sample preparation often includes the addition of powders. For a long time, however, it was not considered automatable. CHRONECT Quantos makes this possible.


Powder dosing as a part of fully automated sample preparation.

Liquid chromatography and SPE

We offer a variety of solutions to simplify and automate complex sample preparations. These include valve connections, solid-phase extraction, e.g. automated online SPE of components from complex matrices, and application-specific equipment and programming of the sample robotics.

CHRONECT Symbiosis Basic

Flexible UHPLC with Online SPE

CHRONECT Symbiosis Plus

Flexible Online SPE-UHPLC system for routine and research

CHRONECT Symbiosis Advanced

Powerful UHPLC with 1000 bar online SPE

Gradient pump SPH1299

Powerful UHPLC pump up to 1300 bar with priming pump and integrated piston backwash pump

Chronect Workstation Multiplexing

For a better utilization of the LC-MS


The composition of the X-omics is very complex. The same applies to the sample preparation in this area. Our solutions automate reliable methods for this analysis

CHRONECT Workstation Proteomics

Automated sample preparation in the proteomics laboratory to optimize throughput and avoid handling errors.

HDX PAL for the analysis of proteins

Automated solution for reproducible performance of hydrogen-deuterium exchange (HDX) experiments on proteins

Dried Blood Spot Sampling

The analysis of blood samples must urgently be carried out quickly and reliably. Automated procedures guarantee this.

DBS Autosampler

Dried blood spot sampling via FTD™ - a revolution for clinical and pharmaceutical sample processing

Standard production

The manual preparation and administration of stock solutions and working standard mixtures require a high workload. However, their preparation is part of the daily work in many areas such as pesticide analysis. Automation can reduce the amount of work involved.

CHRONECT Workstation MultiMix

Fully automated production of calibration standards according to SANTE