We sense good chemistry!

Wherever your focus is

Our field of activity is chromatography in the broadest sense. This results in the most diverse fields of application. Each of these areas has different requirements. By concentrating on specialized applications, we are able to meet these requirements in an optimal way. 

Your application

Different markets place different demands on analytics. Specific equipment and services help to meet these requirements.

Our solutions

Our goal is to solve complex problems in the laboratory. From sample preparation to analysis, we offer the right technology.

What's up?

Get to know us without obligation! We organize seminars, but you can also find us at conferences and trade fairs. New in our program are our individual online device demonstrations.

Courses and seminars

Picture AS training ODOR employees have a look at a document and evaluate results
September 2024

Odorierungskontrolle Schwefelmessung September 2024

Odorierungskontrolle nach DIN 51855-7-GC Bestimmung des Gehaltes an Schwefelverbindungen in Erdgas

September 2024

Odorierungskontrolle September 2024

Einführung in Methoden und Verfahren der Odorierungskontrolle in Theorie und Praxis

Axel Semrau – more than just technology

The best technology is nothing without the people behind it.

Who are we?

Axel Semrau

We have been experts in chromatography and gas analysis since 1981. As sales specialists for high-quality analytical instruments, we understand the needs of the users. This also helps us to continuously develop our own ideas. 

Why with us?


“We sense good chemistry” is not just a sentence. We love what we do and our customers feel that. Our employees are specialists in analysis, technology and software and are passionate about taking on new challenges.

Why for you?

Solution orientation

The person behind the technology is our priority. Your requirements determine the solution, not vice versa. We listen and understand what you need.


Trajan Scientific and Medical

Dear Customer,

We have been part of Trajan Scientific and Medical since 2021.  As such our global infrastructure is now hosted by Microsoft and housed internationally.  We will change our personal email addresses from @axelsemrau.de to @trajanscimed.com to reflect the global nature of our business from Dec 18 2023.

If your company is experiencing difficulties regarding email communication with us, please forward the following information to your IT department.

1. Please add the domain @trajanscimed.com to your whitelist.

2. If necessary, your company firewall may need to be adapted to allow IP addresses outside of the EU. (See: Microsoft 365 Exchange Online)

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