Food, beverage and packaging

Food analysis is our speciality! Our system solutions have been an integral part of many routine laboratories worldwide for years. The reliable technology of our partners, the automation of common and self-developed methods and our expertise form the ideal basis for reliable analysis. We are aware of our responsibility in the sensitive field of food analysis. We would be pleased to advise you according to your individual requirements!


Food can be subject to contamination. Contaminants are substances that originate from the environment or enter the food during production or processing. Reliable automation to achieve low detection limits is required.


Complete workstation for the determination of mineral oil contaminants in food, feed, packaging and cosmetics


Workstation for the fully automatic determination of MCPD and glycidol in food

CHRONECT Workstation PAH

Fully automated PAH determination for food analysis using LC-LC-GC-MS/MS and the imPAHct method

CHRONECT Workstation FAMEs

Fully automated workstation for the analysis of fatty acid methyl esters in oils and fats

CHRONECT Workstation Sterols

Fully automated analysis of sterols for food control

Pesticide analysis

Pesticides are unfortunately on everyone's lips. The analysis is challenging and must lead to reliable results. Automation reduces the susceptibility to errors.

CHRONECT Workstation Glyphosat

Complete workstation for the determination of glyphosate in food

CHRONECT Workstation TIC and PSM

A robust online SPE for the determination of TIC and PSM in surface and drinking water by GC-MS

Standard production

The manual preparation and administration of stock solutions and working standard mixtures require a high workload. However, their preparation is part of the daily work in many areas such as pesticide analysis. Automation can reduce the amount of work involved.

CHRONECT Workstation MultiMix

Automated production of mixing standards

Flavours and off-flavours

Flavours are important for the taste and smell of food. Their characterization is complicated. Technical aids are available to help identify flavors and off-flavors more easily.

Sniffing port phaser

Sniff detector that can be coupled with any GC