Our worldwide supplier network

We maintain a worldwide network of suppliers in order to always have efficient and innovative products in our program. For many partner companies we have taken over exclusive sales and support obligations for Germany and partly also Austria and Switzerland. With others, we are linked by a cooperation for individual products or product areas. We make one fundamental demand on each of our cooperations: the products must provide a very special benefit for our customers, either on their own or in combination with our services. Here you will find a list of our suppliers and manufacturers. Use the links to visit their homepage.

Axel Semrau

What began as a distributor for gas chromatographs quickly led to a company that also develops its own instruments and software solutions. The first step in this direction was taken by the Odorization Control Division. With our own hand-held and stationary measuring instruments we are the world market leader in the field of natural gas analysis and odorant control. Through our sales activities in the chromatography sector, we learned about the users’ problems. We use the experience we gained during the development of the ODOR instruments as a basis for finding new solutions for chromaography as well. Especially under the brand name CHRONECT complex automation solutions for the laboratory are created. Decisive for this workstation is above all the software CHRONOS, which was developed by us for a more efficient control of the sample preparation. It also enables simultaneous analysis, as it can be combined with many common evaluation programs. Most new developments are created in close cooperation with renowned contract laboratories or established research institutes.


Bruker Daltonik is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative analysis systems based on mass spectrometry. The product portfolio includes MALDI-TOF, ion traps, QTOF and FTMS as well as GC/TQ, ICP/MS and LC/TQ. These products originated from the acquisition of Varian in 2010, have been consistently developed further since then and today represent the most powerful systems on the market. Above all, they are a valuable addition to our CHRONECT Workstations.

CTC Analytics

CTC Analytics AG, which operates under the name PAL systems, is a leading Swiss technology company in the field of laboratory automation. Since 1985 the company has been offering customer-oriented and technically mature products. CTC's PAL autosamplers are used in analytical laboratories in a wide range of industries such as life science, food, environmental analysis, plastics or petrochemistry. We have a long-standing partnership with the company. The PAL Autosamplers in combination with our software CHRONOS form our CHRONECT Robotic Systems. They are the key to the automation solutions.


Since 1991 DataApex Chromatography has been developing and marketing data stations. The software Clarity for LC and GC developed by DataApex is a powerful tool with many advantages. The focus is on intuitive design and highest quality standards. DataApex constantly strives to provide users with efficient and up-to-date tools for processing chromatography data. The current Clarity product line is already the third generation of chromatography stations. It combines years of market knowledge with the flexibility to adopt the latest trends in the chromatography industry. We therefore use Clarity for our chromatography application systems.

GL Sciences

ATAS GL International B.V. has changed its name to GL Sciences B.V. The company had already been part of GL Sciences Inc. since 2001, but operated as an independent subsidiary. GL Sciences B.V. is based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Founded in 1990, the company specializes in the development and manufacture of high-performance analytical instruments for gas chromatography systems. This European office provides the opportunity to have local stocks and support in the European market. The main product is the OPTIC multi-injector. The specialisation in injection technology leads to highly developed systems with outstanding performance.

Justice Innovations Software

For 35 years, the Justice Laboratory Software department of this company has been developing and designing superior chromatography data systems capable of acquiring chromatography data from any available chromatograph. The Chromperfect brand is known for these systems, chromatography application software and data acquisition devices.


Individual IT solutions for your satisfaction


Mettler-Toledo GmbH offers precision instruments worldwide for research and development and quality control. The balances can be integrated into automation processes in the laboratory. They are an integral part of our CHRONECT Quantos System or the CHRONECT Workstation MulitMix. Here, the smallest quantities of powder or liquids are weighed with the highest precision and automatically.

Pyrol AB

The core competence of the Swedish company Pyrol AB lies in the pyrolysis of complex samples. Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of a material in an inert atmosphere, i.e. without the presence of oxygen. Pyrolysis allows a non-volatile material to be analysed in a gas chromatograph by examining the pyrolysis products, often by mass spectrometry. The samples may be insoluble, dark or inhomogeneous and may contain synthetic and natural polymers, such as vulcanised rubber, resins and composites. Paper, coal, textiles and paints are examples of materials that are successfully analysed by analytical pyrolysis. Different pyrolyzers use different heating methods, which in turn determines which temperature gradients and heating programs are possible. In the pyrola-pyrolysis systems, the sample is placed directly on a platinum thread which is heated by a strong current pulse. This offers maximum flexibility and possibilities that are not available with other systems. The same sample can be pyrolyzed repeatedly with short heat pulses, with GC running between the individual pulses. This facilitates interpretation and provides new insights when analyzing complex samples. The result of many years of research and development are particularly sophisticated systems for pyrolysis.

Restek GmbH

For our applications we use, among other things, accessories and columns from the company Restek, which was founded in 1985 in the USA. For more than 25 years Restek has been inspiring people in Germany with its high professional competence and quality. With its developments, it strives to be able to offer superior technologies and thus achieve results that are as simple as possible and as reliable as possible.

Spark Holland

With Spark Holland we have a long-standing cooperation. The company has become a world-class provider of innovative sample introduction, extraction and separation technology for analytical systems such as HPLC, MS, GC and NMR. Spark proactively collects user feedback and tries to understand the typical problems in the analytical laboratory. This allows the focus on product development towards simplicity and reliability. Since 2018 we are exclusive dealer for the Online SPE Technology and support the sales activities of our partners worldwide. Together with the software CHRONOS we have a complete range of products to continue and expand this business area of Spark Holland as CHRONECT Symbiosis.

SpectralWorks Ltd.

SpectralWorks provides high quality software solutions for mass spectrometry that meet the needs of demanding applications. In this way, samples can be controlled, acquired and managed and complex data sets can be visualized and analyzed.

Teledyne ISCO

Founded in 1958 in a garage, ISCO was taken over by Teledyne Technologies Inc. in 2004 and is one of our longest standing cooperation partners. Teledyne Isco manufactures a wide range of laboratory instruments for industry and research. These include precise and reliable syringe pumps for a wide range of applications and challenges. These rugged pumps solve your toughest liquid handling problems. The Teledyne ISCO Chromatography product line includes instruments and accessories for the purification of organic compounds of proteins, peptides and other biopolymers. The proven fraction collectors as well as the modern flash chromatographs of the CombiFlash family help to achieve this. The systems for preparative HPLC are particularly characterized by their intuitive operation. As a reseller, we support Teledyne Isco in Germany and Austria.

Trajan Scientific and Medical

In 1989 LEAP Technologies was founded in Carrboro, NC, to meet the need for automation in the analytical laboratory (chromatography and mass spectrometry). LEAP Technologies was acquired by Trajan Scientific and Medical in April 2016 in order to be able to use its growing technologies for sampling and sample introduction in automated laboratory processes. They provide the automation advantage for R&D, pharmaceutical, polymer, food processing, forensic and academic laboratories.