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Dried blood spot sampling via FTD™ - a revolution for clinical and pharmaceutical sample processing

The Dried Blood Spot Sampler (DBS) is a young technique for bioanalytics, especially valuable for clinical and pharmaceutical laboratories. The technique offers simple sampling, easy transport and trouble-free storage of blood samples. The revolutionary DBS sampler maintains the integrity of the sample with full automation and offers time and cost savings. The innovative-patented Flow-through desorption technology FTD™ allows direct elution from the DBS cards. It provides consistent quality and allows clean-up and separation of analytes by SPE prior to analysis.

The complete workflow can be automated in minutes, maximum sensitivity is achieved and manual steps are eliminated. Due to a perfect integration into the powerful software platform CHRONOS it is possible to use the DBS online as well as offline. This is a unique feature of the DBS in combination with CHRONOS by Axel Semrau. SparkLink™ is not required. CHRONOS increases the flexibility of the user. Eluates can be transferred to different analysis systems after desorption.

Special advantages of Spark's DBS technology

  • unique and patented FTD™ technology for sample preparation
  • different clamps for 2, 4, 6 or 8 mm spot sizes available
  • intelligent camera with image analysis software offers
  • accurate spot detection and positioning
  • Identification via 1D or 2D barcode
  • Storage, monitoring and tracking of samples
  • Maps Information memory
  • Automatic internal standard addition by loop injection with HPD (high pressure dispenser) and integrated mini pump during desorption of the Blood Spot, best precision and accuracy
  • HotCap™ heated capillaries for better desorption, minimizes the hematocrit effect in full-spot analysis of therapeutic drugs
  • Standard capacity: 96 DBS cards with 4 spots per card allow 384 sample measurements
  • Excellent sensitivity for a wide range of analytes
  • Very good precision, linearity and accuracy over a wide range of analytes
  • Control via CHRONOS, optimal integration into LC or GC-MS/MS systems or offline use for free further use of the eluates

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