Our solutions

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Automation and sample preparation

Our automation solutions called CHRONECT enable efficient sample preparation and create a link to analysis.
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Analysis techniques

Our range of services covers many analysis techniques. This includes LC and LC/MS as well as GC and GC/MS applications. We are the world leader with coupling systems such as LC-GC. We use analysis systems from various manufacturers such as Agilent, Shimadzu or Bruker. Other techniques such as pyrolysis complete our range of products.
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Odorization control

The division Natural Gas Analysis / Odorization Control develops and produces odorization control devices for gas supply companies worldwide. Odorants such as organic sulfur...
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Gas and natural gas analysis

The ODOR division focuses on the customer base of energy suppliers in the gas industry. Under the brand name Axel Semrau, it offers equipment and services that have been...

Purification and preparative HPLC

For purification we offer you the proven and modern flash chromatographs...

Dispensing and delivery

Many laboratory tasks require precise and reliable dosing of liquids or...