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Food, beverage and packaging

Food analysis is our speciality! Our system solutions have been an integral part of many routine laboratories worldwide for years. The reliable technology of our partners, the automation of common and self-developed methods and our expertise form the ideal basis for reliable analysis. We are aware of our responsibility in the sensitive field of food analysis. We would be pleased to advise you according to your individual requirements!

Biotechnology & Life Sciences

This subject area deals with the study of life and its application in science and technology. Our solutions offer a wide range of possible applications, for example in systems biology or drug development.
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Gas and energy supply

The ODOR division focuses on the customer base of energy suppliers in the gas industry. Under the brand name Axel Semrau, it offers equipment and services that have been...
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Pharma & Drug Discovery

The search for new active ingredients and the improvement of drugs is an important research area. We offer suitable laboratory solutions for the needs in this sensitive area.
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Water and environmental analysis

The analysis of water, wastewater, soil and air is a major safety factor....
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Geological research

The exploration of the earth helps to master future challenges for the...

Product control and materials research

Product quality and research into new materials are important tasks in the...