Titelbild Automatisierter Linerwechsel

Automated liner change

No carry-over due to automatic liner change - indispensable for samples contaminated with matrix

Samples contaminated with matrix contaminate the injection system and stress the entire analytical system. By changing the liner, the injection system can be kept clean and the load on the entire analytical system can be reduced.

Automation can be realized with CHRONECT Robotic Autosamplers in combination with the OPTIC from GL Science. The automatic liner change is made possible by a pneumatic opening mechanism for the OPTIC. CHRONECT Robotic is equipped with a gripper for the liners: This allows the use of standard liners without special sealing caps.

In the course of a sequence, it can be determined at any time during the sequence when the liner is to be replaced. A special tray allows the storage of up to 98 liners. No special liners are required for this. The standard liners can be used for this without any problems. In addition, the septum flushing is maintained, so that there are no performance differences to manual operation.

The possibility of automatic liner change makes the OPTIC the ideal injector for the analysis of matrix-loaded samples, since a clean injection system is always available.

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