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CHRONECT Symbiosis Basic

Flexible UHPLC with Online SPE

The CHRONECT Symbiosis Basic version is ideal as a starting system for the complete automation of sample preparation with LC-MS analysis.

This system offers all the basic advantages of online SPE to increase assay performance. Automation minimizes the time required for SPE sample preparation steps such as SPE sampling, drying, evaporation and LC reconditioning steps while improving reproducibility. In addition, the High Pressure Dispenser (HPD) is capable of delivering a controlled and precise flow rate up to a back pressure of 250 bar, so that SPE cartridges with 10 µm particles can be used. This increases the purification efficiency and reduces the matrix load of the MS ion source. Online SPE improves the assay sensitivity with a minimum of sample volume because the sample is completely dispensed. In addition, the complete traceability of the sample preparation is enabled.

With the Solvent Selector in the SPH1299 pumps and the optional Column Selector Mistral™ you can run multiple batches under different LC conditions. You can choose to perform direct injection or online SPE-UHPLC-MS analysis without reconfiguring your system hardware. The mixing and dilution routine is performed by the innovative and flexible CHRONECT Robotic Autosampler. Sample preparation steps like the addition of an internal standard can also be performed. The system is equipped with the automated cartridge changing module ACE, which includes a clamp for the cartridges. This ACE module allows sequential working. Depending on the HPLC run time the cycle times are approx. 8-10 minutes, the SPE sample preparation time is approx. 4 minutes per sample. The system can be upgraded to a version with higher throughput and two clamps.

The customer can choose between two different ACE modules depending on the cartridge he wants to work with. There is one option for 250 bar cartridges and one for 1000 bar cartridges.

CHRONECT Symbiosis is controlled by CHRONOS Symbiosis. CHRONOS organizes the connection to LC-MS. All CHRONECT Symbiosis systems are able to run multiple batches quickly and reliably with highest analytical performance unattended.


System configuration

  • Two systems in one: direct injection and online SPE for UHPLC-MS analysis
  • SPH1299 UHPLC gradient pump, 2x2 solvent selectable
  • ACE Single Clamp 250 or 1000 bar, 4x UHPLC valves
  • HPD MIX 1x SSM / Organizer, Mistral Cool
  • CHRONECT Robotic LSI Autosampler with second valve
  • Control software CHRONOS Symbiosis

Advantages of the system

  • Fully automatic and unattended change between HPLC-MS and SPE-HPLC-MS
  • Minimal or no manual sample pretreatment steps due to the use of disposable SPE cartridges
  • Reduced LC-MS ionization suppression and sample carryover
  • Controlled sample preparation SPE flow rates (10 - 5000 µL/min) with SPE pressures up to 250 bar with high pressure dispenser (HPD)
  • SPE sample clean-up and online SPE-LC-MS/MS analysis in sequence
  • SPE sample preparation fully integrated with (U)HPLC-MS systems
  • Injection volume variable, standard: 100 µL
  • Automatic UHPLC solvent compressibility compensation and automatic flushing and priming functions
  • Fast Wash of the syringe, aspire and dispense
  • Cost reduction of SPE solvents and sample collection vessels compared to manual SPE
  • Internal standard addition

Additional options

  • Mistral CS Cool UHPLC for easy column handling
  • Sample cooling with Peltier stacks (4 to 40 °C)
  • Upgrade to CHRONECT Symbiosis Plus or Advanced
  • Solvent modules with 3 additional solvents
  • Higher capacity with more racks
  • Better mixing with a vortexer or agitator
  • Integration in workflows with the 2D barcode reader

Numerous other options are available.

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