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CHRONECT Workstation H53

Measuring station for the fully automatic determination of the hydrocarbon index in water based on H53

The determination of the hydrocarbon index in water is now mainly done by GC determination according to the EN ISO 9377-2 (H53) standard. We offer our customers the possibility to fully automate this analysis, based on this standard, i.e. with the work steps extraction, phase separation, extract purification, concentration and GC analysis. The determination limit of 0.05 mg/L can be easily achieved, 0.1 mg/L is required. The extraction is performed in a vortex mixer. This reduces the preparation time per sample to 15 minutes. The GC run takes about 25 minutes. This means that the customer can process approx. 60 samples per day with the CHRONECT Workstation H53. The volumes used in the automated method differ from the volumes used in the standard.

Sequence of the automation

  • 15 mL water sample in 20 mL vial, addition of 1.5 mL extraction agent with the autosampler 
  • Extraction in the vortex module
  • Phase separation and removal of the organic phase with autosampler
  • Transfer of the organic phase into 1.5 mL vial with Na2SO4
  • Mixing in the vortex mixer
  • Transfer of the extract into 1.5 mL vial with Florisil
  • Mixing in the shaker
  • Draw off 100 µL from vial and rapid-large volume injection in GC

The CHRONECT Workstation H53 is a complete workstation for this task. It consists of the components CHRONECT Robotic, OPTIC, a GC and CHRONOS as well as Clarity. The scope of delivery of the CHRONECT Workstation H53 includes the specification measurement and a detailed instruction on site with measurement of real samples. We install the complete unit in such a way that you can measure directly.

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