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Foxy R1

Fast, flexible and small fraction collector

The Foxy R1 fraction collector accommodates a rack and is available for a wide range of applications: HPLC separations, low pressure bio-chromatography, protein and peptide separations. Smaller dimensions, smaller dead volume and higher collection speed are the main features of this generation of instruments.

The Foxy R1 collects either in 96 microtiter plates, test tubes (standard size) or bottles.


Important features

  • Excellent accuracy for fractionation with peak separation methods according to slope, threshold or time window through optimal detector output monitoring
  • Reliability for fractionation by time, drop or pump volume
  • Different racks (optional with order)
  • Operation in a cold store possible, all electrical parts have an anti-condensation coating
  • Robust aluminium housing
  • Intuitive operation via touch screen with symbols
  • Built-in Ethernet and RS-232 communication capability

Technical specifications

  • Small (µl) delay volume (dead volume) between distributor valve and drop former
  • Maximum flow rate up to 25 ml/min

Please note that we can only sell Teledyne ISCO products to customers in Germany and Austria.

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