Titelbild Gasleckdetektor

Gas leak detector

The world's smallest gas leak detector with MEMS technology

GL Sciences has developed a modern and small gas leak detector based on MEMS technology (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems). An electronic gas leak detector is indispensable to detect small leaks around fittings and hot inlets. Liquids as a means of leak testing are not suitable here. They may contain materials that elute into the gas supply line or columns and cause ghost peaks or other contamination.

The LD239 Leak Detector uses a small pump to draw air from a probe through a thermally conductive cell. The presence of carrier gas or hydrogen changes the thermal conductivity and causes a change in the detector reading compared to a reference airflow.

The gas leak detector is particularly compact and lightweight, weighing only 95 g. It is also highly sensitive and detects as little as 0.0005 mL/min (He). This handy gas leak detector is easily rechargeable via a USB plug.

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