ISCO Pump Control

Optimum control of the proven ISCO pumps via ISCO Pump Control

ISCO Pump Control is a control software for all ISCO syringe pumps of the D-series. It allows to control up to seven controllers and per controller up to four pumps comfortably from one computer. ISCO Pump Control visualizes different data (e.g. flow, pressure, pump volume, data of the analog inputs) and combines all data in one data file. Thus, test arrangements and data can be traced and edited at any time. The connected pumps can be operated in "Single Pump Mode" or "Multi Pump Mode", depending on the configuration.

The software creates new possibilities and facilitates operation and handling. It also enables data recording to be saved.

Supported operating modes:

Single pump mode:

  • Constant flow
  • Constant pressure
  • Fast pressure build-up
  • River gradient
  • Pressure gradient
  • Dispense Mode

Multi Pump Mode:

  • Constant continuous flow
  • Constant continuous pressure
  • concentration gradient
  • Single operation possible


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