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Syringe pumps

The Teledyne Isco syringe pumps of the D-series allow pulsation-free delivery in the range 1 µl/min - 408 ml/min against pressures up to 2068 bar.

Supercritical fluids, liquids and even highly viscous pastes can be pumped.

The syringe pump consists of a steel cylinder with movable piston and a control unit. 

Nitronic 50 is the standard material for cylinders, pistons and cylinder covers. Hastelloy is available for some pumps and results in even greater chemical resistance. The standard seals are made of graphite-impregnated Teflon, which ensures a long service life under harsh operating conditions, although optional seals are available for special applications.

The D-Series controllers offer many different operating modes. The standard operating modes are: 

  • Constant flow rate 
  • Constant pressure 
  • Flow or pressure programming 
  • External control

    In addition to precise delivery, Teledyne Isco syringe pumps can also be used for precise dosing. This is possible through an additional option, the Dispense Mode. It enables the user to set not only the flow rate exactly, but also the delivery rate. It switches off automatically as soon as the desired flow rate is reached. This function is highly interesting for dosing into a reactor, for example.

    The following pump models are available:



    max. pressure


    max. flow


    30 mL

    2068 bar 


    22 mL/min


    67 mL

    1378 bar


    25 mL/min


    67 mL

    690 bar


    25 mL/min


    103 mL

    690 bar 


     50 mL/min


    266 mL

    517 bar


    107 mL/min


    507 mL

    259 bar


    204 mL/min


    1015 mL

    138 bar


    408 mL/min


    Examples of applications

    • Chemical/reactor/catalysis pumps
    • Pumps for supercritical fluids
    • Pumps for drill core analysis
    • HPLC/LC pumps
    • R & D pumps
    • Dosing pumps
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