Titelbild HDX PAL für die Analytik von Proteinen


Automated solution for reproducible performance of hydrogen-deuterium exchange (HDX) experiments on proteins

Hydrogen/deuterium exchange experiments on proteins serve to gain information on the structure of the compounds under investigation. The difficulty of this technique lies in the precise adherence to incubation times and temperatures necessary for meaningful results.

With the H/D-X PAL all these steps are automated and therefore reproducible. Especially for large numbers of samples and long incubation times, the nesting of steps such as addition of labeling reagents, incubation, quenching and injection into the HPLC-MS analyzer system, which is performed automatically by the software, is very time-saving. All time intervals can be clocked to an accuracy of 1 second.

The temperatures for the individual processes, the sample storage and for the HPLC valves and separation column can be independently controlled in the range of 1 - 40 °C.

The system can be adapted to any HPLC-MS system.

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