ODOR calibration gas set

Complete calibration gas set for the ODOR handy

All devices with electrochemical sensors must be calibrated regularly. The DVGW (German Gas and Water Industry Association) expressly points this out in the G280. However, such calibration should always be carried out promptly after the measurement, so that the user carries it out himself if possible.

With the ODOR handy this is done quickly and easily by means of the calibration gas set:

  1. connect gas
  2. wait until the value is stable
  3. adjust the displayed values to the actual content by means of a single adjusting potentiometer
  4. ready

Depending on your odorization, there are calibration gas sets with THT or mercaptan fillings.

The set consists of the following components:

  • Light metal gas cylinder
  • Filling
  • Certification according to DIN 51855/7
  • Special low adsorption pressure reducer
  • Connection hose
  • Instructions

Each bottle is measured individually with a gas chromatograph after filling. The measurement is carried out according to the DIN 51855/7 method. 

The accuracy and stability of the odorant content is stated on each certificate.

Do you have questions regarding the product? I would be glad to help you or to connect you with the right contact person.

Ricarda Sambataro
Customer Service Specialist ODOR
+49 2339 1209-42
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