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Pyrola 2000

Flexible platinum foil pyrolysis system for the analysis of organic solids

Analytical pyrolysis is an extremely powerful method for the analysis of organic solids of all kinds. In pyrolysis, the solids are thermally decomposed. The decomposition products are then separated and determined by gas chromatography.

The Pyrola 2000 pyrolysis system is a platinum foil pyrolysis system. The sample to be pyrolyzed is applied to a platinum filament and pyrolyzed there. The platinum filament is heated by electric current.

For an evaluation of the pyrolysis it is important to know the exact temperature curve during the pyrolysis, therefore the Pyrola 2000 pyrolysis system records this curve. This temperature-time-profile documents the course of the pyrolysis and can be saved together with the chromatogram. Due to the high heating rate, the maximum temperature of 1400 °C is reached within 8 ms, the Pyrola 2000 Pyrolysis System is very reproducible.

The Pyrola 2000 pyrolysis system supports different pyrolysis techniques.

Isothermal pyrolysis

  • The sample is pyrolyzed at one temperature until a complete reaction is achieved.

Sequential pyrolysis

  • The sample is pyrolyzed several times in a row at the same temperature, the times are so short that a complete reaction does not occur. The technique of sequential pyrolysis is used to determine reaction constants and to determine the thermal stability of polymers.

Fractionated pyrolysis

  • In fractional pyrolysis, the same sample is pyrolyzed several times in succession. The pyrolysis time is so short that no complete reaction takes place, the pyrolysis temperature is increased from pyrolysis to pyrolysis. This provides detailed information about the relationship between the products formed and the pyrolysis temperature.

Oxidative pyrolysis

  • In oxidative pyrolysis, the pyrolysis process is carried out in an oxidizing atmosphere. This offers the possibility to determine combustion products. In combination with sequential pyrolysis, it is possible to determine the kinetics of combustion processes.

The Pyrola 2000 pyrolysis system can be installed on any GC. A change from pyrolysis to liquid injection is possible in a few minutes. Running costs are almost non-existent during operation.

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