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Education is not postponed

Regardless of which school-leaving qualification you are aiming for - you certainly don't imagine the last school year with makeshift home schooling, improvised exam performances and certainly not without a graduation party.

Unfortunately, we can't change the current situation either. However, we can still offer an exciting education.

We have outgrown ourselves in the past year and have been able to take many measures that enable us to work safely and with an eye to the future. The focus is on a comprehensive hygiene concept.

Wherever possible, employees work from home offices. If that is not possible or if you need to be among people, we arrange attendance days so that our offices are not overcrowded and are always well aired.

Free masks, disinfectants and self-tests were available to all employees even before the official directive.

The actual crisis also served as a booster for the digitalization of our work processes. Colleagues are just a chat away when they have questions.

Food analysis and research into new drugs are just two areas in which we are active. Their importance has not decreased during Corona, so we are confident about the future.

In addition, we can't wait to finally see all of our newly acquired team members in action - at a barbecue or playing sports, for example. That's what we like to do together under normal circumstances.

Therefore, we are providing a secure and exciting workspace for our apprentices – even now!