Titelbild DBS Autosampler

Sample by push of a button

Dried Blood Spot (DBS) analysis is typically used in newborn screening. Using a heel prick, it is common to draw blood and place individual drops on an index card for analysis in the laboratory.

However, Wageningen Food Safety Research uses the method differently: abuses in the food industry exist especially in animal products. However, taking samples to detect the presence of substances such as antibiotics is often difficult.

Researcher Irma Bongers needs only a small amount of blood. She draws blood from the animal with a tiny device at the touch of a button.

The blood is then applied to the index card and placed in the DBS autosampler. From here on, the sample is analyzed completely automatically. The result is available after only a few minutes.

In the video and in the report Analysing blood samples in the blink of the eye of Wageningen University you can learn more about the application.