Automated preparative HPLC with high performance and simple operation


The ACCQ Prep SFC is a compact system that simplifies method complexity and ensures successful separations for users of all experience levels.

As the only system that allows bulk collection of stacked injections, staggered injections, as well as open access to multiple samples with an optional SFC Autosampler (2x2 or 4x2), the ACCQ Prep SFC offers versatility without limitations - all with the smallest Prep SFC footprint on the market.

The ACCQ Prep SFC features a robust CO2 pumping system combined with an advanced mass flow controller and automatic back pressure control.

The patented gas-liquid separator, GLS, minimizes carryover, resists clogging and allows co-solvent flow for fractionation and waste collection.

The standard fractionation valve allows collection into up to eight vessels. Alternatively, the autosampler collects fractions.

Advantages of the ACCQ Prep SFC at a glance

  • Compact system
  • Peak Trak for intuitive operation
  • Efficient purification with the (stacked) Injection Wizard
  • Patented GLS for best fractionation of samples
  • Solvent / waste monitoring

Green Chromatography

CO2 is affordable, eco-friendly and reduces solvent use in the lab by up to 95%. With the ACCQ Prep and its CO2 pumping system, sustainability in the lab is child's play.

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