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CombiFlash EZ prep

The CombiFlash EZ Prep is a combi-system with two sides, left side flash chromatography and right side full preparative HPLC. For the first time, preparative LC is as user-friendly in handling as flash purification.

Changing from flash to preparative LC is done with two clicks in the software, quickly and automatically. The proven PeakTrak software controls both flash purification and preparative HPLC. The combined system is not wider but only slightly higher than the CombiFlash systems and fits under any fume hood.

All safety details of the CombiFlash family such as pressure sensor, leak sensor (vapor sensor), level monitoring of the solvents as well as the waste container and RFID technology are also implemented in the EZ Prep system. It is always traceable how often and with which method a column has been used. The good solvent management gives the user a maximum of security. In case of malfunctions, the system is switched off and no sample is lost. This happens, for example, when there is too little solvent or the waste container is full.

On the flash side, both liquid and solid samples can be fed, while on the preparative side the sample is injected in liquid form into an injection loop. The injection loop can be selected variably, a 5 mL loop is installed as standard. The system is open for columns from different manufacturers. Teledyne ISCO offers own columns.

The system is controlled via the intuitive PeakTrak software directly on the system's touchscreen. PeakTrak ensures direct control of all parameters during the run, clear method creation on one page, variable setting of two wavelengths, transfer of DC data, automatic "scale-up" for each method, stop and continue the run at any time and much more. The changeover from flash to prep is quick and easy, appropriate solvent changes are stored. The colour of the window indicates which mode you are in - the flash mode is blue and the prep mode is green.

Time-saving automation options for preparative HPLC

The AutoInjector can inject the same sample up to 100 times. Simply enter the total amount of sample present and the number of injections required in the software. The system calculates everything else, taking into account the dead volume from the injector to the injection loop itself, and the software automatically adds a number to the sample name.

The autosampler automatically processes up to 12/28 (depending on the selected rack) samples. For collection, the number of racks is increased by two additional racks. There are two racks available for the samples, one rack for 13 mm sample tubes and one rack for 20 mL scintillation bottles. With the Column Selector, different methods and up to four different columns can be used for processing the samples if required. The selection of the sample positions in the sample list is flexible, urgent samples can easily be inserted at any time. Despite this high flexibility, handling has remained as simple as users in flash chromatography have appreciated for decades. This makes the EZ Prep an amazingly simple alternative for anyone doing preparative HPLC. In order to be able to switch conveniently from one column to the next, a Column Selector is available that can accommodate up to four preparative columns with diameters of 10-50 mm and up to 250 mm in length in a space-saving manner.

Technical description and equipment:

  • Flow rate: 5-200 mL/min (Flash & Prep)
  • Maximum pressure: Flash 13.8 bar, Prep 240 bar
  • Detection: UV 200-400 nm or UV/VIS 200-800 nm
  • Solvents: four solvents can be connected
  • Binary gradient with 2 freely selectable solvents
  • Sample application: liquid or solid in flash mode (10 mg to 33 g), liquid in prep mode, volume of injection loop selectable, standard 5 mL loop, alternatively 1 mL or 10 mL
  • Software: PeakTrak, User interface: 10.4" touch screen
  • Fraction collector: Internal, 2 racks
  • RFID detection of the RediSep Flash cartridges
  • Dimensions: 68 x 43 x 43.2 cm (H x W x D)


  • ELSD can be combined with UV and UV/VIS
  • Different mass spectrometer upgrade options (10-1200 or 10-2000 Dalton, ESI and/or APCI)
  • AutoInjector for up to 100 injections of the same sample
  • Autosampler with two collection racks and one sample rack for 12/28 samples
  • Column Selector for the installation of four preparative columns
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