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Sampler with two injection heads for automation of sample injection and parallel sample preparation steps

CHRONECT Robotic DHR is a special model of the series that has two injection heads. These two heads can be moved simultaneously. This makes the DHR the ideal system to create automation solutions for high throughput. The two injection heads can either be equipped with manual tool change, similar to the RSI, or with the possibility of automated tool change, similar to the RTC. All tools and options are available for the system. The DHR is deliverable in the lengths 120, 160 or 200 cm.

The absolute highlight of the system is the ability to move two injection heads simultaneously. To make this possible, the control software CHRONOS has been completely revised. The calculation of the timetable generates two independent timetables; for each injection head separately. This ensures an optimal use of the available resources.

In order to ensure process reliability during simultaneous work and to avoid problems in the process, the DHR has an integrated collision control. Resources shared by the two heads at the crosshead are constantly monitored. An injection head can only access it if the other head does not occupy this resource. This simplifies method development enormously, as the user does not have to consider the possibility of a collision when creating the method.

The DHR is an ideal platform for automation in chromatographic laboratories that require medium to high sample throughput.

Possible configurations

The PAL DHR is available in different configurations:

  • Crossbar in the lengths: 120, 160 or 200 cm
  • Equipment with two injection heads for manual tool change: RSI/RSI configuration
  • Equipment with 2 injection heads for automatic tool change: RTC/RTC configuration
  • Mixed equipment manual and automated: RSI/RTC configuration
  • A large selection of tools and modules allows optimal individual configurations
  • The control is done via the platform CHRONOS

Typical automations

Typical automations with the DHR are the standard addition, derivatizations and online sampling. The injection type can be changed in a running sequence. The 2D barcode reader also provides maximum automatic data transfer from the label directly to the sample list.

High flexibility facilitates user-specific solutions

The DHR is equipped as required for a wide range of applications. It can be tailored precisely for example to the needs of metabolism research or equipped for the derivatization of lipids to fatty acid ethyl esters. This sampler is also ideal for keeping matrix components in the sample away from the GC system. In this way, service lives can be significantly extended. The customer-specific configuration is created from standard offers with adaptations to the individual requirements of the laboratory.

CHRONECT Robotic is based on the PAL autosamplers from CTC analytics and the CHRONOS software from Axel Semrau.

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