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Modern sampler for automation and complex sample preparation

A wide variety of sample preparations can be automated efficiently and safely with CHRONECT Robotic RSI. Functions such as liquid injection, headspace, solid phase microextraction (SPME), vortex mixer or wash stations are available.

The main advantages of CHRONECT Robotic RSI are:

  • A modified design of the sample trays enables very large sample capacities to be achieved.
  • Fast Injection is a particularly fast type of GC injection and enables particularly low-discrimination injections.
  • Smallest sample volumes can be handled better, the needle can be guided to the bottom of the vessel thanks to bottom sensing
  • The Vortex Mixer allows automatic mixing and homogenization of samples.
  • A large selection of tools and modules allows optimal individual configurations.
  • The master software CHRONOS ensures optimal control and integration into existing chromatography systems and easy handling.

The RSI is an XYZ robot that can be installed on or beside any chromatographic system. Stand-alone installations for offline sample preparation are also possible. The arrangement of accessories under the crossbar is free so that the system can be individually adapted to all requirements of the application.

Intelligent control with CHRONOS

The CHRONOS automation platform is the basis for the CHRONECT system solutions. They automate entire workflows and can be adjusted to meet the different needs of laboratories. The control via CHRONOS allows the full and individual control of the RSI by easy to create methods. CHRONOS facilitates the creation and management of sample lists, because it has many interfaces and can therefore establish the connection to many chromatography data systems. Only one sample list is necessary. CHRONOS shows its strengths especially when the RSI is used for time-consuming, automated sample preparation steps that take longer than the actual GC/MS run, such as headspace analyses with long equilibration times, SPME applications or online derivatizations. Instead of being integrated into MS data systems itself, CHRONOS integrates the data systems so that autosampler and MS or GC data system can work independently of each other. Sample sequences created in CHRONOS can be easily exported to the chromatography or MS data systems.

Result based control

The CHRONOS EBIS module also allows the import of results from the chromatography data systems. A results-based control of the analytical systems becomes possible, new workflows can be defined. For example, an automatic washing step can be inserted if blank values are too high.

CHRONECT Robotic is based on the PAL autosamplers by CTC analytics and the CHRONOS software from Axel Semrau.

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