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Result Based instrument control in automated workflows

With the common automation approaches, the analysis sequence of the instrument is determined before the analysis. There is no intelligent control based on the results of the analysis. This is where CHRONOS comes in with the EBIS module.

Results-based control creates a basis for new and improved workflows in the laboratory.

  • CHRONOS controls the autosampler and
  • simultaneously passes the sample schedule to the chromatography data station, CDS for short.
  • The autosampler carries out the injection and the sample is measured. The data are recorded in the CDS.
  • The EBIS module can tap specific result data of the CDS.
  • In the CHRONOS method it can be defined which results are retrieved where and
  • what is to be done afterwards if necessary, e.g. if set limits are exceeded.

CHRONOS EBIS can read in analysis values from the result files of the data system and reuse them in the respective CHRONOS method.

Examples for the use of CHRONOS EBIS

With CHRONOS EBIS, the autosampler can automatically dilute a sample and measure again if the result of the analysis exceeds the calibration range. It can also perform a new rinsing method after a blank value that is above the permissible value or automatically run a new calibration after a QC sample that is outside the permissible range. For valuable samples, safety shutdowns can be programmed if the analytical results indicate a system malfunction. An indicator here could be the absence of an internal standard, for example. Valuable samples are thus retained and the cycle does not run through. The automatic processing increases the sample throughput without endangering the analytical characteristics and precision of the measurements.

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