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CombiFlash Torrent

The CombiFlash Torrent System from Teledyne Isco is designed for the purification of large quantities of substances.

A flow rate of up to 1 litre per minute allows fast purification of up to 300 g sample per separation at a back pressure of up to 100 psi (6.89 bar). The system can be flexibly configured to optimally perform a variety of tasks. 

Different variants of sample application and fractionation are available. In addition, the system offers the advantages of all CombiFlash systems. These are above all the simple operation and high reliability.

The torrent system uses RediSep Rf cartridges with RFID technology. All information is automatically read out, so that a fast, error-free method development is guaranteed. "Large scale RediSep Rf columns with different column materials and precolumns with Luer Lock connections are available.

Technical description

  • System with integrated PC, control via touch screen or local network connection
  • 50 - 1000 mL/min flow rate with binary gradient profile
  • Diode array detector for the range 200-400 nm (optionally 200-800 nm),
  • Connection of an external detector (ELSD, RI) possible
  • patented monitoring of the filling level of the solvent and waste containers
  • completely grounded solvent path
  • intuitive PeakTrak software included
  • usable RediSep Rf cartridges: 80 g to 3000 g
  • RFID Cartridge Detection
  • automatic 6-port valve

Options and accessories

Sample application

  • Pre-columns for solid samples
  • Syringe equipment for liquid samples
  • Loading pump


  • High Flow Foxy R2 fraction collector
  • Automatic fractionation valve

Solvents and waste pipes

  • Stainless steel cable with different lengths: 1.2 m; 1.5 m; 2.7 m
  • Corrugated plastic cable: 1.2 m
  • Protective caps for containers etc.
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