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RediSep standard cartridges

RediSep Rf is a program of normal phase and reverse phase ready to use columns for liquid chromatography up to 20 bar.

RediSep Rf cartridges are available in filling quantities from 4 g to 3000 g for application quantities from a few milligrams up to 300 grams.

Rf stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID technology enables cartridge identification, batch number, number of separations performed and solvents used. This information is updated with each use. The cartridge material polypropylene makes them practically unbreakable, extremely easy to handle. Standard Luer-Lock connectors at both ends allow easy adaptation to any pump system and fraction collector.


The separation performance is incomparably better than hand-packed glass columns and also the recovery is improved. This high separation performance of the RediSep cartridges (pre-packed with flash silica gel 35-60 µm particle size (230-400 mesh) and 100 A pore size) is based on the very homogeneous and stable column bed, which can only be produced by machine packing.

Please note that we can only sell Teledyne ISCO products to customers in Germany and Austria.


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