Thomas Biederbick und Michael Kresse vom Landeslabor Berlin-Brandenburg und Andreas Bruchmann und Matthias Groschke von Axel Semrau mit dem Application Award der Laborpraxis

From application to application

Thomas Biederbick and Michael Kresse from Landeslabor Berlin-Brandburg and Andreas Bruchmann and Matthias Groschke from Axel Semrau (from left to right) are very happy about the award.

Presentation of the Application Award

Since 2016, Laborpraxis has been presenting the Application Award for promising applications at analytica. Unfortunately, it was not possible to present the award in person this year. This makes it all the more gratifying that an application developed in close cooperation with customers was awarded: the CHRONECT Workstation Cholesterol.

Axel Semrau won the prize in the category food analysis. However, it's not only our merit, but also that of the Landeslabor Berlin-Brandenburg. The head of the department Thomas Biederbick had the idea for the system.

As a sterol, cholesterol in edible oils can be determined with the CHRONECT Workstation Sterols, with which the Landeslabor already worked. However the desire developed to measure food samples directly. In these samples the cholesterol determination is used to determine the amount of the ingredient whole egg or egg yolk. To implement this analysis, automatic sample preparation steps such as saponification, liquid-liquid extraction and enzymatic hydrolysis were implemented with the CHRONECT Robotic XYZ robot. In addition, the LC-GC method was adapted as a suitable internal standard was needed. The results were then compared with the official Paragraph 64 method by Landeslabor Berlin-Brandenburg  and showed good conformity.

Especially Michael Kresse as well as Mrs. Bamberg and Mrs. Fischer from Landeslabor Berlin-Brandenburg together with Matthias Groschke from Axel Semrau did this work and turned the system into reality.