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CHRONECT Workstation Sterols

Fully automated analysis of sterols for food control

Sterols are determined to control the purity and quality of edible oils, for example. Due to the many manual steps involved, the procedure described in ISO 12228 is time-consuming and prone to error. With the CHRONECT Workstation Sterols this analysis is fully automated. It is based on LC-GC technology, which is also the basis of the MOSH/MOAH Workstation and is in routine use in many laboratories.

Sample saponification and other preparations are carried out completely automatically with CHRONECT Robotic. The subsequent purification is performed by HPLC, which is directly coupled with GC-FID detection. The HPLC fractions containing the sterols are specifically transferred to the gas chromatographic system. All interfering components are thus elegantly separated. The upstream LC eliminates the need for preparative thin-layer chromatography. The CHRONOS software platform enables user-friendly operation and the integration of various HPLC or GC systems. The manual workload is reduced to weighing and adjusting the samples in the autosampler.

An extensive validation of this method in customers laboratories was performed. Therefore, numerous samples containing different known concentrations and distributions of sterols were analyzed. The results verified that the presented method is precise and provides reproducible results. The analytical characteristics of the method are equal or superior to those of the ISO method in all points.

Advantages of the CHRONECT Workstation Sterols

  • High sample throughput
  • High degree of automation
  • Low risk of contamination
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Best possible sensitivity
  • Investment security
  • Expandable to further applications such as the determination of MOSH/MOAH or PAH and the determination of alkyl ester content
  • Short training period due to installation of the finished method and training
  • Qualified support
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