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Complete workstation for the determination of mineral oil contaminants in food, feed, packaging and cosmetics

Undesirable mineral oil residues are frequently found in food and cosmetics, which can either be specifically added or are added unintentionally, for example through packaging materials. In many products, the concentration of saturated (MOSH - mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons) and aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH - mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons) is particularly high. The workstation was designed to detect these in different matrices such as food, oils and fats, animal feed, packaging and cosmetics in a safe, sensitive and fast way.

Technical structure

The heart of the system is the LC-GC coupling. This method ensures a high sample throughput, good sensitivity and reproducible values. Direct coupling drastically reduces the risk of contamination. 

The CHRONECT LC-GC interface developed by Axel Semrau allows the use of different GC and LC systems. The master software CHRONOS controls the autosampler CHRONECT Robotic, LC and GC including the valve switching, so that the complete method including sample preparation runs fully automatically. The intelligent valve connection makes it possible to retain the first eluting MOSH fraction without loss until the MOAH fraction also enters the GC. Only then does the GC injection take place.

Automated epoxidation and alumina purification

Additive purification techniques further reduce the limits of determination and increase the reliability of quantification. By modification of the reaction instruction, the epoxidation has been automated and is available as an add-on. It is carried out in a time-saving manner during the processing of other samples. Furthermore, a better recovery of the internal standard is guaranteed. Alternatively, the CHRONECT Workstation Epoxidation is also available offline as a stand-alone system. From here, the samples can be distributed to different LC-GC instruments. As a further purification technique, alumina chromatography has been fully automated for the system.

Advantages of the CHRONECT Workstation MOSH/MOAH

  • Simultaneous determination of MOSH and MOAH in 30 minutes.
  • Routine proven thanks to more than 80 systems installed worldwide.
  • Normal-phase HPLC is used for automated sample purification and pre-separation. MOSH and MOAH fractions are separated from each other and simultaneously from interfering components such as triglycerides or wax esters.
  • The skilful coupling of LC and GC leads to a reduction in solvent consumption and significantly reduces the load on the GC system with regard to contamination by matrix components. This significantly increases the stability of the system. The sample throughput time is greatly reduced and handling is easy due to the complete control via CHRONOS.
  • GCxGC functionality for better differentiation of MOSH, MOAH and POSH.
  • Two GC columns with different polarities are used.

Thanks to the software platform CHRONOS and the modular system of CHRONECT Robotic, different workstations can be combined with each other.

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