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CHRONECT Workstation TIC and PSM

A robust online SPE for the determination of TIC and PSM in surface and drinking water by GC-MS

The system has been configured to enable the detection of pesticides in drinking water in a sensitive and highly automated way. Compared to established SPE methods, it offers the advantage of faster analysis with a high degree of automation. The reusability of the cartridges in this method reduces the costs of the analysis.

Advantages of automation

The sensitive analysis requires concentration prior to the analysis. This labor-intensive step of sample preparation can be fully automated. While the analysis is running, the next sample is prepared. High reproducibility is guaranteed by special cartridges and precise delivery of the eluent with a high-pressure syringe pump. A variety of packing materials for the cartridges allows high flexibility.

  • Avoidance of carry over - on the one hand by flexible flushing options that allow cartridges to be reused without risk, and on the other hand by the possibility of changing cartridges fully automatically
  • Low sample volume due to more powerful detection systems and robust, routine large-volume injection

Technical structure of the online SPE system

The online SPE system consists of a high-pressure syringe pump that delivers sample and eluent, a cartridge exchange module, a CHRONECT Robotic Autosampler and an OPTIC Large-Volume Injector. This online SPE system can be connected to any GC/MS system.

Advantages of the CHRONECT Workstation TIC and PSM

  • A special feature are the SPE cartridges which are pressure resistant up to 300 bar instead of the conventional cartridges. The high pressure resistance ensures precise delivery of the eluent under pressure and thus a particularly reproducible extraction of the substances from the SPE cartridges.
  • Coupling to the GC system is done via the OPTIC, this flexible multi-injector offers large volume injections and thus reduces the required sample volume.

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