The OPTIC-4 from GL Science is an unusually versatile GC injector. It is compatible with all commercially available gas chromatographs and autosamplers. The OPTIC-4 control box allows complete control of pressure and temperature. A temperature sensor in the GC oven chamber allows constant flow carrier gas control. The maximum heating rate of the OPTIC-4 is 60 °C/sec. Older gas chromatographs with constant-flow technology can be retrofitted.

The following operating modes are possible with OPTIC-4

  • Split Injection
  • Splitless Injection
  • simple on-column injection
  • automatic liner change for matrix loaded samples
  • Rapid Large Volume Injection RLVI to improve detection limits and simplify sample preparation
  • direct thermodesorption DTD: single stage TD without cryotrapping
  • Difficult Matrix Injection DMI for samples with a high matrix load such as fruit extracts without sample preparation
  • Injection 1-10 µL matrix-rich sample into microvial
  • fresh microvial in the liner for each injection
  • Change of liner and microvial by CHRONECT Robotic
  • expert fashion
  • carrier gas flow, split flow and temperature freely programmable
  • 4 relays switchable

System integration

By using suitable mounting kits, the OPTIC-4 can be installed in any commercial gas chromatograph in any free injector position. A thermosensor in the GC-oven allows a reliable constant flow gas control.

Maintaining the correct installation position in the GC allows for perfect compatibility with all autosamplers. CHRONECT Robotic is particularly suitable for automation. For example, the automatic liner change is made possible. Here, standard liners are used which are changed by CHRONECT Robotic.

Direct thermodesorption DTD

The OPTIC-4 allows the thermodesorption of a sample directly in the liner. Solid samples are deposited on a frit in the liner, air or gas samples can be collected on a packed liner (e.g. Tenax). In the OPTIC-4 the sample is first purged with carrier gas and then desorbed under stopped-flow conditions. Several temperature levels up to 600 °C can be realized with one sample. Since the capillary column is installed directly below the sample, the analytes are transferred directly to the column and intermediate focusing via a cold trap is not necessary. This single step or direct thermodesorption is only available with OPTIC multi-injection systems and is not offered by any other manufacturer.

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