Precise dispensing and weighing technology in an automated workflow


Whenever substances in the lower milligram range need to be weighed in, manual weighing is time-consuming and error-prone. CHRONECT XPR takes over the weighing process for up to 32 powders in up to 288 vessels - even under the fume hood.



  • Integration of precise dispensing and weighing technology from Mettler-Toledo into the automated sample preparation process
  • No manual handling of toxic substance
  • Automatic operation under inert gas atmosphere possible
  • Connection of the emergency stop functions of the robot with safety options of the housing possible
  • Data security with RFID chips
  • Complete documentation of each work step and the weighing process
  • Connection to Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) possible
  • Different vessels can be used in one run
  • Customized vessels usable
  • Add-ons available, e.g. for heating, shaking, filtering, etc.
  • Cooperative robot for more work safety

Optimizing synthesis

Labs use a variety of substances when optimizing syntheses. They are weighed in the lower milligram range and added to the further experimental sequence. CHRONECT XPR follows the many-to-many approach: numerous formulations can be created from many starting materials - quickly, reproducibly and without manual interaction.

The compact dimensions of the system allow it to be operated in an inert gas atmosphere or in a fume hood. This means that even substances that are toxic or decompose in the ambient air can be used.

Producing standards

The production of internal standards can be very time-consuming. With CHRONECT XPR, the preparation of new mixes is not only automated, but also documented in detail.

Solids dosing in automated sample preparation

CHRONECT XPR offers space for up to 32 solids, which are stored in dosing heads on a shelf. All information about the solid is stored on an RFID chip and read out via the shelf. SBS plates offer space for different vessel sizes in which the powders are weighed in. Weighing takes place with the help of Mettler-Toledo's XPR system. A six-axis robot takes over the transport of the powder heads into the scale as well as the provision of the vessels under the dosing head.

Documentation and software

The CHRONOS software controls the system using a simple interface. The SBS plates are displayed pictorially in the program. The user can now select the solid from a drop down menu. Only the powders that are currently on the shelf are displayed. He/she then inserts the quantity to be dosed into the graphic of the plates. Simple functions, as known from Excel, facilitate the input into the cells and columns. All weights are documented and traceable.

Options and extensions

CHRONECT XPR is equipped with 3 SBS plates with 96 places each for 1 mL vials. Three additional SBS plates and vials for 2, 4, 8, 10, 20, or 40 mL are available to expand the capacity of the target vessels.

The XYZ robot CHRONECT Robotic offers further automation options. For substances that need to be stored in a sealed vial, the DeCapper module enables the lids to be screwed on and off automatically. Furthermore, tray holders provide additional space for sample vessels. Modules for shaking, heating, filtering and solvent addition are also controlled automatically via CHRONOS.

Funded innovation project

In a funded project of the Central Innovation Program for SMEs of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate ActionProtection, Axel Semrau, Mettler-Toledo and Jüke Systemtechnik developed the system as CHRONECT Quantos.

In 2018, it received the Application Award from Laborpraxis. Until then, integrating precise dosing and weighing technology into automated sample preparation was considered difficult to implement. With the integration of the six-axis robot into the CHRONOS software platform, Axel Semrau succeeded in doing just that.

The official automation partnership between the companies guarantees the practical further development: The new namesake is the improved XPR system from Mettler-Toledo.

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