DeCapper Module

Automated opening and closing of sample vessels

Many laboratories use screw-cap vessels in sample preparation. However, adding chemicals through a septum is a step with potential loss.

The DeCapper module automatically opens and closes screw caps of vials for 2, 10, 20 and 40 mL. The septum remains undamaged, so evaporation through the piercing hole does not occur.

Especially in headspace analysis and with highly volatile substances, the DeCapper improves performance. A defined torque guarantees reproducible and tight sealing of headspace vials. The vial is not permanently open, but only at the time when the contents are actually needed.

For example, the DeCapper is used in the CHRONECT Workstation MultiMix. In combination with the Pipette Tool, the syringe can be omitted for sample preparation. This enables the complete automation of laboratory routines, e.g. the preparation of calibration standards.

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Product Sheet DeCapper Module

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