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Gradient pump SPH1299

Powerful UHPLC pump up to 1300 bar with priming pump and integrated piston backwash pump

The new SPH1299 UHPLC pump is a robust, precise and easy to use gradient pump. It delivers highly precise flow rates at up to 1300 bar. With its fully automatic compensation of compressibilities and easy handling, the SPH1299 is state of the art. A new concept for solvent suction makes pump preparation child's play.

The pump consists of two pairs of serial pump heads. Each of the four pump heads can be controlled individually. This offers the highest flexibility for flow control and the best conditions for optimal pulse reduction.

Once set to a defined flow rate, the SPH1299 maintains it exactly - completely independent of solvent composition and pressure. The compressibility of the solvent is measured, based on the measurements, deviations due to flow pulsation and flow rate reduction due to compression are compensated. By automatically determining the compressibility of the solvent, the pulsation of the flow is reduced. Especially UHPLC methods can be optimally processed and transferred by this feature of the SPH1299.


The SPH1299 has an active piston backwash. This protects the piston seals and increases the running time of the entire pump. For the occasional replacement of the piston seals, which is nevertheless necessary, the system has a very simple mechanism. Within a few minutes the pump head is simply unplugged, removed and the seal replaced. The pump and possible covers can remain in place.

The SPH1299 UHPLC pump is very well suited for Axel Semrau's multiplexing solution for better LC-MS utilization. Here the target analytes from several HPLC lines are fractionated on one LC-MS, so that the throughput can be increased and the matrix load reduced.

Your advantages at a glance

  • robust and precise with easy operation
  • automatic compensation of the flow pulsation
  • automatic solvent suction at start
  • simple, minimalistic maintenance
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 compliant
  • suitable for multiplexing solution for better LC-MS utilization
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