ODOR easy

Stationary measuring instrument for automatic checking of the odorant concentration on site - also solar-powered

Stationary measuring instrument for automatic checking of the odorant concentration on site - also solar-powered

Axel Semrau stands for continuity and innovation in odorization control. The ODOR easy is the consistent continuation of this philosophy. During development, great importance was attached to an energy-saving control system. The measuring instrument therefore has neither display nor keyboard. The ODOR easy is programmed via USB interface from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Operation is therefore possible with a power supply (115/230 V) as well as via solar systems.

Depending on the application, the ODOR easy can be equipped with sensors for measuring THT or mercaptan concentrations in natural gas. The simple and robust design offers cost-effective and continuous monitoring of the odorant even in remote locations. With the ODOR easy, concentration-dependent control and monitoring of odorization systems is no longer an expensive luxury. It opens up considerable savings potential in the optimisation of odorant consumption.

Another application is the monitoring of pre-odorized gas delivered to downstream utilities without their own odorization system. The ODOR easy ensures reliable monitoring of the contractually agreed odorant concentrations.

Safe, fast and easy measurement of THT or mercaptans independent of the power supply system

Robust plastic housing, selective sensors, low power consumption, automatic calibration - the ODOR easy impresses with its state-of-the-art technology and simple handling. The sample gas is fed to the ODOR easy via a fixed connection and then to the blow-out unit. There is no diffuse discharge of the sample gas. The set gas flow is 10 - 30 L/h. Outside the measurements no gas flows.

Depending on the odorant, the concentration is determined after only a few minutes. The result is output via a 4 - 20 mA interface.

The new ODOR easy offers the following functions:

  • Measuring function for THT or mercaptans - with different electrochemical
  • Automatic calibration function: Calibrations are carried out via a calibration gas cylinder at fixed intervals
  • Data output: 4 - 20 mA Interface
  • Parameter input via USB connection
  • Automatic zero setting
  • Closed sensor module: The sample gas is led via an exhaust pipe to a blower
  • Internal date/time
  • Flexible application possibilities through optional equipment with solar panel and radio modem

Solar panel with storage battery

The ODOR easy can be operated via a solar panel with storage battery. The measurement data are transmitted by a wireless data logger with integrated solar power supply with solar panel, accumulator and data transmission via GPRS and DIFUS-OPC server. For overview and processing a window for data viewing with the OPC server is available online. The measurement data can thus be viewed on an Internet page and downloaded as a monthly CSV file for further processing.

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